A World of Difference…

Welcome to Cheesecake World, a world of difference! We pride ourselves in our family business because of our team’s expertise and 10 year experience in the industry.

The Cheesecake World Bakers and Decorators come together to create some of the most gloriously tasting cakes. our cakes are fresh and baked daily using only the freshest ingredients. Exciting new cakes are added to the range regularly to reflect current trends to ensure Cheesecake world offers its clients new and exciting taste experiences!

Our products are prepared with the utmost attention to food and safety hygiene.

Cheesecake world clients include leading cafes, restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

Cheesecake World offers something for everyone. Whether you are searching for a special birthday cake or simply looking for a sweet ending to an everyday meal.

At Cheesecake World, you will find yourself in another world once you try our wide variety of tasty, fresh, and daily baked cakes. You will never want to turn back. You will prefer this world of difference!”